my philosophy

I can’t imagine doing anything else…

I feel naked without my camera.

I am fascinated by relationships. I’m curious as to why/how relationships evolve. Sitting on a park bench, laying on the beach…I wonder as the people walk by.

I think a great portrait can find the essence of someone.

Sometimes I feel I’m just a mirror…

at some point during a portrait session, people seem to forget that I’m there, that is when they let go and let me in…beautiful private moments to be cherished forever. Photography has created in me an awareness of the simple things, clouds  (they are never the same twice), the color of a sunrise, the knowing glimpse amongst siblings.

I see you…

Let me share with you what I do best – providing simple, sometimes playful,relaxed, real life portraits that convey a more human element to your brand.  With over 25 years of experience, and a few awards here and there, I know I can help you….even if you are a bit camera shy.




PS: I love conversation! Lets talk over coffee! In English, en Español ou Franglais :-)


In France:

Carmen Blike Photographe
4 rue Vial
06600 Antibes
Siret # 53970990700015

In the US: (late 2019/early 2020 dates  soon)

Portraits of Personality, LLC
 on location