me personally

My parents met in New York City. My mother had been brought to New York as a dining room maid by a wealthy Dominican family. I don’t know how my father journeyed from a small Mexican village.  I was born in da Bronx.

I have two sons – one wears a tie to work and one without a return address. Can you guess which one is which?

I can still remember this twirly dress!

I can still remember this twirly dress!

I’ve spent time in a Buddhist monastery even though I did 12 years of catholic school.

There is a strong spiritual side to me. I believe we are all in this together guided by a greater power.

I love the sound of the sea. I enjoy gardening and the feel of dirt through my fingers. My idea of a workout is twirling around a dance floor enjoying a good Foxtrot, Waltz, Hustle, or Salsa.

I can eat cold pizza in the morning.

I coo at all babies and can’t pass dogs without smiling at them.

Used to be able to do calculus, have a master’s degree in engineering.

Since childhood,  I’ve had a yearning to live in France….so for the moment I’m in the south of France,  taking it a day at a time.