Today I got up early to go to my required medical exam for my long stay visa.  Marco was helpful getting me ready; making my coffee and breakfast.  He had a doctor’s appointment too.

Arrived on time without pressure.  Things went flawlessly.

I took advantage to go to the Prefecture with the 2 documents I required for an  annual Titre de Sejour.  Things have changed since I was last there including their website.

Stood in line for the one office I was at previously only to be told to go to a different on.  After waiting an hour, my bussiness papers weren’t good.  The woman, to her credit, asked her supervisor but was not helpful and brushed me off.

Came home sad and overwhelmed.  Once I got home, I remembered the scrapbooking class Daniele had told me about and went to Chuppy’s.   Wrong day but Max was there (Tuesday raw food potluck) and I shared my woes and he shared his experiences in Antibes.

He gave me words of encouragement.”After all you’ve been through to get here.  You are definitely over the hump”

Then Daniele posted a link about cultural shock and having patience and perseverance…thanks Daniele.

And Marco’s words…It’ll all work out.