Coolest GizmoA bit of sleight-of-hand, a little illusion, these assignments have stretched my imagination…and that’s a good thing! The assignment was to SHOOT THE COOLEST ELECTRONIC GIZMO EVER MADE – so I picked a PC board. Got this crazy idea to make it look the opening scene in the first Stars Wars movie . Do you remember the deep rumbling throughout the theater and then you saw a spaceship pass overhead? So I wanted this Stars Wars cruiser feel with stars in the background, etc.

Didn’t happen.

The making of ....behind the scenes.

Instead I managed to make a cool composite that focuses your attention on the chip – the brain inside most of our electronic devices. This board was shot upside down. Those are 2 placemats and 1 cheese grater to make the background.

Imagine this as a double page ad shot to also be used in a brochure. That means the image will be big…
Never in a million years did I think I could pull something off like this.  Today I feel I’m just a little bit better than yesterday.

That’s all we can ask for.

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