Holy crap! I opened my kimono!

I didn’t realize it till I saw the project brief’s interpretation by the other 12 international female artists. Sublime. Ephemeral. Abstract.


A literal interpretation of the Worldwide WoMansion brief: curate a room of my life during Covid -19.


Oh well.

Here it is. What I did and how I did it – in my personal space with my favorite Pjs.

I was at a different location for the stricter first lockdown. These self-portraits combine my feelings of both locations as I go through a second restricted curfewed lockdown.

At one level, it felt like there was no need to groom. You could go all day and all night in the same clothes. On another level, there was a sense of slowing down. My chats with those near and far were more like a relaxed Sunday afternoon. From here, I could reach out to the world and curate the pieces of the world I would let in. Inevitably, there were just moments of frustration.


Chat, sleep, rinse, repeat.

I am calmer for the second time around. If nothing else, I get a chance to organize and edit images that have been long neglected. I could strep up to do this WoMansion project. This time around I’m by myself, moving freely within my tiny space.

Catch me here: Carmen and Covid